Paldor and ganesh Himal trek itinerary

Day 1: Arrival to Kathmandu transfer to hotel (overnight at Hotel).

Day 2: Sightseeing in Kathmandu prepare for trek (overnight at Hotel).

Day 3: KTM-Betrawati (630m) Time: 5 hours driving.

Day 4: Betrawati (630m) – Kimsang (1,770m) Time: 6hrs.

Day 5: Kimsang (1,700m) – Gongur Banhyang (2,890m) Time: 6hrs 15min.

Day 6: Gongur Banhyang (2,890m) – Rupchet Kharka (3,660m) Time: 3 hrs. 

Day 7: Rupchet Kharka (3,660m) – Camping at pass (3,870m) Time 7-8 hrs.

Day 8: Camping at pass (3,870m) – Somdang (3,260m) Time: 3-4hrs.

Day 9: Somdang (3,260m) –Lari Mine (4,110m) Time: 3-4hrs.

Day 10: Lari Mine (4,110m) - (4,780m) – Paldor Base Camp(4,500m) Time: 4-5 hrs.

Day 11: Paldor Base Camp(4,500m) – Jaisuli kunda (4,420m) Time: 5-6 hrs.

Day12:Jaisuli kunda(4,420m) –Camp below Rinamo Danda (4,480m) Danda (4,620m) means also the end of the difficulties. we start discovering progressively Time: 6-7 hrs.

Day 13: Camp below Rinamo Danda(4,480m) - Khola Kharka (3,990m) Time: 5-6 hrs.

Day 14: Khola Kharka (3,990m) – Chuchun Begar (3,050m) Time: 4-5 hrs.

Day 15: Chuchun Begar (3,050m) – Tatopani (2,740m) Time: 3-4 hrs.

Day 16: Tatopani (2,740m) – Syabrubesi (1,550m) Time: 4-5 hrs.

Day 17: Syabrubesi (1,550m) – Kathmandu hotel. On the road, To Betrawati and Tirsuli Bazar Back to KTM hotel . Time: 8 hrs.

Day 18: Culture and Historical places visits in KTM hotel.

Day 19: Transfer to Airport for Departure.

  • Day 01 Arrival at KTM. Transfer to Hotel:

    Our Himalayan Paradise Trek Company Representative will meet you outside airport and transfer to hotel, Introduce your trekking guide and check the necessities. Afternoon leisurely walk Tourist market Thamel.

  • Day 02 Sightseeing in Kathmandu prepare for trek (overnight at Hotel):

    After breakfast, we set out for sightseeing tours to world heritage sites. Pashupatinath Temple, on the banks of the sacred Bagmati River, is considered the holiest of all Hindu Temples. Boudhanath Stupa boasts the biggest Buddhist Stupa architecture in the world.  

  • Day 03 KTM – Betrawati (630m) Time: 5 hrs driving:

     Meeting with our team (guides, kitchen head and porters). Packing of trek material and we all take the bus. Through roads, mountains, valleys and gorges we drive towards our starting point. A little uncomfortable these valleys northwards of KTM. The road goes along rivers flowing in deep gorges, along rice field hills. With clear weather conditions, we may see the Himalayan snow capped peaks like Manaslu and Ganesh Himal from Kakani Pass (2,145m). Then, we drive down to Trisuli Khola to reach Trisuli Bazar,finally Betrawati (630m), our starting point. The organization of the trek is getting prepared. Unloading the bus, last purchases and installation of the tents along the riverside. The end of the afternoon is dedicated to a short visit of the village, the discovery of the rice threshing installation of the tents or just a siesta! First camping night.

  • Day 04 Betrawati (630m) – Kimsang (1,770m) Time: 6-7 hrs:

    After breakfast we start trekking. After crossing the two bridges above Trisuli Khola and Salakhu Khola, We start a long climbing which will lead us, a few days later, to 4,000m. We walk along the rice and millet fields before reaching Mani Danda (1,200m) where there is a small stupa. Crossing the forest, we reach Sadobate (1,350m), A village on the top of a hill. We go on climbing upwards in the heat of this low vegetation area, from village to village, till Kimsang (1,770m), first real flat area since our departure. Camping in Tamang village.

  • Day 05 Kimsang(1,770m) – Gongur Banhyang (2,890m) Time: 6 -hrs:

    We go on walking upwards among the cultivated fields. On the way, meeting the Tamang farmers is very customary. Not many tourist use this itinerary and with a single "Namaste" you get a smiling face of fascinating local people! Around 2350m, we leave the cultivated area to enter the forest on the north side. The environment changes completely. We progress within a luxuriant forest of big rhododendrons. Having reached some altitude we follow the hillside to Gongur Banhyang (2890m). From there, appear first view of Langtang Lirung–(7246m). Camping.

  • Day 06 Gongur Banhyang (2,890m) – Rupchet Kharka (3,660m) Time: 3-4 hrs:

    Steep climbing. We are above 3,000m. We reach a crest at the upper limit of the forest. Easy walking till Rupchet Kharka (3,660m),nice small plateau above the valley and in front of Langtang peaks. The afternoon is dedicated to relaxation, washing and visiting the surroundings. Camping.

  • Day 07 Rupchet kharka (3,660m) – Camping at pass (3,870m) Time: 8-9 hrs:

    A nice path in the cliff brings us above Rupchet Kharka. We arrive at Singla Banhyang (3,970m) and discover for the first time the Ganesh Himal range, Paldor and further: Manaslu (8,156m) and the Annapurna range. A small peak allows us to reach 4,000m for the first time. We then go down to Larke kharka (3,650m). Long crossing through the rhododendrons before getting to the first real difficulty of the day. A tough climbing to the Crest of Chandapip (local name), nice walking along the summit, with ups and downs with a high point at 3,960m . We then go down north face to reach the bottom. The profile is less rough but there is still a long way to go till the first water point and the camping site at a pass at 3,870m. Longest day of whole trek. Nice sunset view.

  • Day 08 Camping at pass (3,870m) – Somdang (3,260m) Time: 3 4 hrs:

    Fantastic view of sunrise in front of Ganesh Himal and Paldor peak. We climb to 3920m before going down to Pangsang Banhyang (3,870m), main crossroad between the Ankhu Khola and Somdang valleys. Nice crossing along the mountains side among the edelweiss and superb views on the Langtang Lirung. Then we go downhill in the forest to reach Somdang (3,260m). There is a mine on the top of a village. Afternoon dedicated to acclimatization before beginning the second part of the trek at higher altitude camping.

  • Day 09 Somdan – Lari Mine (4,110m) Time: 3-4 hrs:

    We go up along the Mailung Khola valley until we go out from the forest at Paigutang Kharka. A last rock step before reaching the deserted mine of Lari (4,110m). Strange environment within this deserted village camping. 

  • Day 10 Lari Mine - Paldor base camp (4,500m) Time: 4-5 hrs:

    We continued upwards along the Mailung Khola and discover the two Paldor's peaks, one icy, the other rocky. After crossing the gorge above the river across a high bridge, we pass close to Paldor's base camp (4,500m) and follow an old moraine up to 4,620m. Fantastic view on the two peaks, on the east and west Paldor's Glacier. We follow upwards till a small unnamed peak on the summit. We call it Paldor view point (4,780m). Then we go down to join a whole team of porters who have established our camps at Paldor Base Camp (4,500m), at the foot of the impressive peak. This will be our highest camping night. 

  • Day 11 Paldor Base Camp (4,500m) – Jaisuli kunda (4,420m) Time: 5-6 hrs:

    We cross a path on the north side of Ned's Thumb. The view on the Paldor range is getting larger so that we can see the whole glacier. This pass at 4,800m is the highest point of our trek. It has no name. We can go down through a mass of fallen rocky path to an idyllic place where we stop for the midday rest. After going up once again, a balcony path bring us with ups and downs to Jaisuli Kunda (4,420m), holy lake for Hinduisms Camping on the lakeside. 

  • Day 12 Jaisuli Kunda (4,420m) – Below Rinamo Danda (4,480m) Time: 6-7 hrs:

    Key day of our trek as the walking in the steep slopes is difficult. We start climbing an easy pass above our camping site at 4,600m. The view to the close Langtang Lirung as well as the numerous Tibetan peaks northwards xixapangma 8,046m is fantastic mountain. We go down the other side and go on walking uphill and downhill along the hill. This way, we cross the ridges and coming down from the east side of the Plador. Not easy for porters! Arriving at the summit of Rinamo Danda (44,620m) means also the end of difficulties. We start discovering progressively the range of Ganesh Himal. We set our camp on the first flat space at 4,480m. Camping. 

  • Day 13 Camp below Rinamo Danda (4,480m) – Khola Kharka (3,990m) Time: 5-6 hrs:

    We end turning round Paldor's east side by crossing three last passes, probably one of the most fantastic panoramic day of our trek. The last pass at 4,750m on the last peak, allows to reach the glacier valley at the foot of Ganesh II and V. The view is tremendous. We discover the icy North East faces of the Paldor and in front of us the steep peaks of Ganesh V (6,986m). Very close, we also see unnamed Tibetan peaks. Camping at Khola Kharka (3,990m).

  • Day 14 Khola Kharka (3,990m) – Chuchun Bagar (3,050m) Time: 4-5 hrs:

    We leave this peaceful site and start the descent. At Sangjung Kharka, we look back to admire Paldor's North- East face with its two black and white peaks. This last vision will long remain within our memory. We cross a bridge done with branches and progress during one hour within Tibetan territory while following the Sagjung Khola. The gorge seems impenetrable although the path is going left and right from the riversides. Camping at Chuchun Bagar (3,050m) from where the valley opens again. Camping.

  • Day 15 Chuchun Begar (3,050m) – Tatopani (2,750m) Time: 3-4 hrs:

    Nice descent. The path winds down the forests of beeches and oaks. We see Tamang farmers in their barley and millet fields. After so many days in the remote world, the human presence is very much appreciated! We reach Tatopani, a holy place for Hinduisms as the hot water springs were well known for their healing properties. Unfortunately, the springs disappeared during the earthquake in 2015. Big well coming washing in the afternoon. Camping. 

  • Day 16 Tatopani (2,740m) – syabrubesi (1,550m) Time: 4-5 hrs:

    While descanting we see many pilgrims walking to tatopani. We cross nice villages like Bargan and Pajung. Temperature is getting higher, banana plantations appear. We cross Chilime Khola and finally reach at Syabrubesi (1,650m) along Trisuli Khola (which we crossed 12 days ago). Last camping night.

  • Day 17 Syabrubesi (1,550m) – Kathmandu Time: 8hrs:

    On the road to Betrawati then Trisuli Bazar and Kakani pass. Back to KTM hotel. 

  • Day 18 Cultural and Historical places visits in KTM:

    Patan Durbar Square is the oldest city in the Kathmandu valley with old age tradition also called Lalitpur – The city of fine arts. The visit covers the Durbar Square, The Krishna temple, The Kumbheswore temple, The Golden temple and many more. Swayambhunath Stupa – The 2000 years old legendary stupa on the hillock also nick-named as monkey temple. Your day tour ends Kathmandu Durbar Square showcasing living goodness Kumara temple.

  • Day 19 Transfer to the Airport for Departure:

    Transfer to International Airport and fly to your next destination.