About Us

The top of the world – A Himalayan paradise

Welcome to Himalayan Paradise Trek & Expedition (P) Ltd. Let us take you through a country that has captured travellers’ imaginations. Meet people in remote mountain villages whose lifestyles have remained unchanged for generations. Gather lifelong memories of the diverse cultures, lifestyles and peoples you encounter. Be awe-inspired by Nepal’s immense and contrasting landscapes. Trek rugged and beautiful trails through lush green hills and high mountain valleys where the forests bloom, yaks roam and birds of prey soar. Explore isolated monasteries and temples, gigantic peaks and rocky riversides. Be captivated by Nepal’s warm smiles.

Among Nepal’s many adventure activities, trekking and peak climbing are by far the most popular. The great variation in altitudes and climates in Nepal creates a spectacular mix of lifestyles, vegetation and wildlife. The resulting diversity of flora and fauna and range of indigenous cultures make Nepal ideal for trekking, adventure activities, and offer cultural experiences equally as exciting as the trail itself. Nepal is also known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, where Buddhists and Hindus live together in harmony. We, the Himalayan Paradise Trek & Expedition family, warmly invite you to Nepal, so you can experience the ultimate in natural beauty and cultural diversity.

About The Organiser:

I have been working in the trekking and tourism sector since 1995. During my childhood, I was fascinated by the foreigners passing through my village en route to the Everest region. This sparked my interest in different cultures, which combined with my love of nature, inspired me to work in tourism.

 I started out as a trek porter before being promoted to assistant guide which, in 2001, led me to participate in the Nepal government’s official guide training programme. After this, I began extending my professional guiding activities to different regions of the country and beyond, including to Tibet and to Darjeeling and Sikkim in India. I have now trekked with a great many people from a host of countries and our amazing shared journeys have resulting in longstanding friendships.

 Since 2001, I have travelled to Europe several times to visit friends and explore the Alps in Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. These trips have also been a great opportunity to learn about European cultures and languages meet many friends all over Europe and, while in Europe, my family and I wrote the Sherpa Conversation and Basic Words phrasebook. This has been published in three different language combinations: Sherpa–English, Sherpa–German, and Sherpa–French. For your trek, we offer English, German, Japanese and French speaking guides according to your needs, and I myself speak English, German and Japanese.

Our staff have a thorough knowledge of the cultures and environments of the areas in which we trek and can design you a challenging and truly unforgettable experience. With 23-years’ trekking experience under my belt, I established my own trekking company called Himalayan Paradise Trek & expedition P. Ltd to put all this experience and know-how to good use. So, please email us if you have any questions or would like to discuss a possible trek and itinerary. I will be pleased to give you more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to Nepal.

 Chhiri Tendi Sherpa
(Managing Director)